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Sedation & Delirium: The Latest Evidence in Assessment and Intervention
A course for acute care and critical care nurses who care for hospitalized patients, this session focuses on the latest evidence in the assessment and intervention for delirium and sedation.

Abdominal Compartment Syndrome…It is not just a surgical problem!
Preventing abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS) has become essential to the successful outcome of critically ill trauma patients. This session will help participants learn about an innovative treatment tool for managing abdominal compartment syndrome.

Sepsis … Nurses at the Front Lines!
Designed for bedside nurses caring for high acuity medical surgical, emergency, and critical care patients, advanced practitioners and educators, this session fulfills the need of education about sepsis by focusing on early identification and goal directed therapy for at-risk patients.

Endocrine Emergencies
This session focuses on the emergent assessment and interventions needed when the endocrine system runs wild.

A Case in Point: Amazing Case Studies
Read the abstract to select from several case studies. Ask Julie about tailoring these case studies to meet your needs.

Critical Care Puzzlers: Preconference Proposal
Designed for nurses who just cannot remember lab values or 12 lead ECG analysis, this is a full-day session. In the morning, we’ll look at an in-depth review of the coronary circulation, types of myocardial infarctions and assessment clues based on type of MI. In the afternoon, we’ll analyze laboratory values using a case study approach.

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